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City Street Scene

For the longest time I've had an idea for a street scene. I am getting close to finally getting it done - at least done enough to actually put the video togther.

This project has been a growing and learning process. When I started it my idea for the buildings was just flat planes and have everything just texture and bump maps, but as the project had progressed the level of detail for the buildings has increased. Unfortunately, not all the buildings on all the blocks have been upgraded to the new level of detail yet, but I'm working on it.

The inspiration for the blocks is New York City. I was wandering around New York via Google Streets and was amazed by the architecture I found. Block one is inspired by the northwest side of 6th Ave. in Park Slope between 5th St. and 6th St. Currently I could not tell you where the inspiration for block two came from. Block three is inspired by the south side of E. 64th St. in Manhattan between Madison Ave. and Park Ave. Block four is inspired by the east side of Hicks St. in Brookly Heights between Clark Street and Pierrepont St. Block five is inspired by the southwest side of Atlantic Avenue in Cobble Hill between Henry Street and Clinton St., the buildings are reversed from real life. Block six is inspired by the northeast side of Atlantic Avenue in Cobble Hill between Henry Street and Clinton St., again the buildings are reversed from real life. And, of course, the bridge is inspired by the Brooklyn Bridge.

Currently there is no lighting on this project. It is supposed to be a night scene. The default illumination gives it kind of a eery look to it that seems to be better suited to the night backdrop I've added to the renders.

I have a friend who tells me that I'll never be finished with this project, that I will always find a way to improve upon it. I can honestly say that I can relate to George Lucas and understand his desire to want to go back and improve on older work where you have learned better techniques for doing things.

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