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2010 Camaro

My wife is very fond of the Chevrolet Camaro - especially the Transformers edition that was released a couple of years ago. I wanted to work on my car modeling skills so I thought I would model the Camaro, in the pictures below you can see the yellow model version. In the version pictured to the right, a section of a local road was modeled and I even created a spreadsheet to calculate tire rotation from tire size and speed. There is NO post work in the picture. It was rendered with Mental Ray, with Motion blur.

The project itself took about 3-4 months to model the car in my spare time. There are 667,828 polys and 367,297 verts in the car. It was modeled in 3D Studio Max 2008. The final render of the car driving down the street took more than 14 hours to render - of course that was with the settings cranked up to 11.

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