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Celtic Cross

My father wrote a book about our Celtic Heritage. He asked me about possibly creating a cover for the book of a Celtic cross grave marker.

He had asked for a hard on one side, bagpipes on the other with a sword down the middle. The texture of the designs on the cross are down with a bump map. Throw in some Xfrog trees and you have a countryside scene.



I was looking through networking pages and saw an icon very similar to what you see. So I created this for my networking, or contact, page.


Curio Cabinet

I had an idea one time to make a curio cabinet for the front page of website. There would be models of my models inside and you would click on a model to see the details for it. I am still deciding if that is something I still want to do.


Apache helicopter, low poly

This was a low polygon exercise for me. I have to admit that it was really hard for me to not keep adding more detail to it. I picture it could be used for a something like a TV newscast.

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