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The Lost Fate

This is another book cover for D. L. Kramer. You can find the author's page here: D. L. Kramer.

One of the concepts presented in the story is how things forgotten can lose their grandeur. The author wanted to cover to try to convey that.

Book summary from the author: "While traveling with the thief Korrie and telling Theryl's stories, Tabari is given one last task from Halona: to travel to Theryl Hold and tell one last tale, the story of The Lost Fate. His story will bring Mehlis to the full understanding of her place, both in the world and at Garren's side, as well as a glimpse of the future of Theryl Hold, built upon its own lost history and the importance of a single person in the eyes of the gods."


Kamiri Born

This is my second book cover for D. L. Kramer, and there is another one in the works. You can find the author's page here: D. L. Kramer.

The one of the main characters is a dancer and the author wanted the scene where she dancing for a king with an audience in the background as the cover.

Book summary from the author: "Leaving the kingdoms of Olorun and Herridon behind, Mehlis finds herself in the kingdom of Kamir, a land of lush rivers and decadence. As the minstrel Tabari helps her continue to find her way, she learns more about herself and the world, learning to deal with the consequences of emotions and decisions and the complexities of politics in lands other than her own. It's while in the Kamiri city of Azhar that she realizes her own king may have claim to a heritage none of them suspected."


The Second Sentinel

This was the first book cover I did for D. L. Kramer. "The Second Sentinel" is the first book in The Chronicles of Mehlis. The author's Amazon page can be found here: D. L. Kramer.

Book summary from the author: "Broken and shattered with the death of her younger brother after the Siege of Herridon, Mehlis d'Corydon is put into the charge of the minstrel Tabari. Her older brother has turned her out of their family's Hold, telling her to find herself and her place in the world. Not knowing Tabari is far more than a simple minstrel, she accompanies him and discovers more about herself and the world than she ever expected."


The New Ranger

The New Ranger is a eBook by Leah Eden Hyde. I'm not sure if this is still available. The artist wanted a medieval couple walking down a street.


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