Unreal Engine


Vacation House

For a bit now I have been learning Unreal Engine for the purpose of ArchViz.

This house is my first attempt at a web based virtual walkthrough. The house is an extremely simple house constructed from a lesson plan for Revit. It was then exported from Revit using the DataSmith pluggin and then imported into Unreal Engine.

It you want to go through the virtual walkthough you can click here: Vacation House Virtual Walkthrough, it will open in a new tab. The virtual walkthrough will only work in Chrome or Edge currently, although I have not tried Firefox. The walkthrough is also a 450 MB - it may take some time to download depending on your connection speeds.


Tallon Cathbad

Tallon Cathbad is the main character in a animated web comic I am working on. It will be animated in Unreal Engine.

This is my first attempt at importing a DAZ 3D character into Unreal Engine.



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