2010 Chevrolet Camaro

My wife has wanted a 2010 'Bumble Bee' Camaro for a long time, so I thought I would make one.

This scene was modeled in 3D Studio Max. The street is modeled after a local street in the city that we were living at the time. I even got to use math to figure out the rotation of the tires at 40 mph and how far the car would travel for 1 frame at 30 frames per second. The sun was set for out location too, on July 4th. When I showed this to people I worked with most of them thought it was a real picture - which was the effect I was going for.


Volkswagen Thing

I have always loved the VW Thing, it is just cool!

The flames were an idea of a friend of mine, when I asked him how it should look he wanted flames.


Wire Wheels

I modeled these wheels for the VW Thing .



Apache Helicopter

This is a very low poly Apache helicopter. As I am usually very highly detailed in my work, I prefer trying to make things as realistic as possible, this was an exercise to force myself to keep it low poly.


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